Boost Team Capacity


Don't rely on recruitment - there are plenty of brilliant ways to boost team capacity which everyone will love.

As such, the topics of these videos (total 1hr 40min) include:

  1. A reminder of what you should already be doing, as Agilists
  2. Get your team aligned behind a common purposeful goal.
  3. How to get greater customer engagement with your team
  4. How to improve your own personal focus to boost your productivity
  5. The hidden power of small batch sizes and how they actually boost capacity rather than decrease it
  6. How to fix typical organisation issues that drastically reduce team capacity

We are also including

  • Our famous "88 answers to 13 Agile questions" PDF
  • A personal copy of Matthew Caine's eBook "5 Steps from Corporate Hell to Freedom & Fun"
  • Updates to all videos and new videos in this series
  • All the handouts and references
  • Life-time access
  • 10% off one future face-to-face workshop
  • Free delivery on orders > €50 at Agile Sticky Notes (usually €100)

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